Kewid: We have worked during the downtime to address our problems, especially in the final touches”.

Al-Dhafra Syrian coach Mohamed Kwid said that his team has worked diligently over the past period to take a number of measures that would correct the position of his team which is before the end of which Al-Dhafra ended the first round of the Arabian Gulf League.
This came during a press conference presentation of Al-Dhafra and hisguest Emirates FC in the opening of the second round of the Arabian Gulf league Championship, which was held in Abu Dhabi Tuesday afternoon (January 9th) to reveal the preparations of his team for the match mentioned and accompanied by the injured team defender Yasser Abdullah Al-Junaibi.
Kwid said that,the club’s management has attracted high-level players, Uzbekistan’s Igor Sergeyev and Brazilian Fernando Viana, in support of the team’s move, he said. The Brazilian striker Elton Almeida has returned from the injury and now he is ready to take part in the match.
Al-Dhafra coach added that his team had 11 league games in place for them to develop special strategies so that winning alone is not enough with the points available or the matches held at Al-Dhafra stadium but by working to snatch points from the stadiums of the other competitors.
The Syrian coach explained that the team now has the ability to provide a strong defensive presence as well as to provide a strong offensive presence and the problem that Al-Dhafra suffered in the last stage, which is the final touch the team was able to remedy through the new deals.
He pointed out through the press conference that there are many commonalities between his team and his guest, adding that as a technical device to be widely informed about the reality of Emirates team and its players and technical presence.
He also stressed that his team needs to score through this match and when that happened, the game will be in the interest of Al-Dhafra, pointing out that the match is held on his playground and among the fans of the team must win the three points, explaining that the margin of compensation was available in the first phase of the league, but now no way to lose more points.
He concluded his speech by stressing that Al-Dhafra seeks to change the stereotype that emerged in the first stage after the changes that have occurred, as he will change the method of play in proportion to the importance of the next stage and the absence of some players because of the connection to the national service.
Yasser Al-Junaibi: Our real start will be from this match
For his part, defender Yasser Abdullah Al-Junaibi said that as players they will appear to be different from what the team showed during the first round of the Arab Gulf League so that the team will return to his normal position among the clubs of the Arabian Gulf League.
Al-Junaibi added that the club’s technical staff, supported by the board of directors, worked during the downtime period to avoid all the problems that faced the team during the first round matches, stressing to the fans that they would see a different team starting from this match.