The ‘Level B’ Sport Media Training Course organized by the Pro League Committee in

Partnership with the UAE Football Association Academy between February 11 and 22, 2018 commences today at the academy’s headquarters in Dubai. Participating in the course are media and social media officers from pro clubs. The course is a continuation of the ‘Level C’ course organized by the PLC in October 2017 at Al Jazira club.
The course aims to explain the nature of public relations (PR) in sport and its links with sport marketing and how sport institutions benefit from PR. It also touches on the history and progress of public relations in sport and elaborates on maintaining good reputation in addition to analysing the legal and more considerations related to PR in sport.
Additionally, the course covers key aspects related to strategic management of public relations campaigns and communication with domestic and international fans and preparation of media events including interviews, press conferences etc. Topics covered also include crisis management, internet use and legal and moral issues in PR.
The course is part of the PLC efforts in educating pro clubs staff through a series of specialized courses aimed at raising the competency levels and empowering them to fulfil their duties in the optimum way, contributing to the development of clubs’ administrative systems and instilling a culture of professionalism.
The PLC regularly organises courses in collaboration with the UAEFA Academy, which works in partnership with leading international educational institutes such as the US Sport Academy (USSA) and the Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA).